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What is Water Cremation?

When we die we currently have the options of flame cremation and burial for our bodies. There is likely to be another choice soon which is significantly more in harmony with our environment. And where we can even give back. During the water cremation process, a body is dissolved in an alkaline solution of potassium hydroxide and water, inside a stainless steel machine called a Resomator.  This process usually takes between three-four hours. 

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Why choose water cremation?

Water Cremation or Alkaline Hydrolysis, is a more environmentally sustainable way of caring for the bodies of our loved  ones, than the process of flame cremation or burial. Water cremation provides another choice for everyone; one that is  more environmentally sustainable, and we plan to offer it to our community.

When will it be available?

It’s not legal in New Zealand yet, but is in parts of Canada and the United States. We hope it will become a legal process in New Zealand with the funeral reform package going through Parliament over the next 18 months to two years.

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